Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time to retire my Favorite Quilt

Well it is time for me to admit that my favorite Log Cabin Quilt has to be set aside. This is one of the first larger quilts I ever made for myself. When quilters flannel first came on the scene they were actually brushed cotton, not very thick and really only plaids and a few prints. I made this quilt just to try it and see if I liked Log Cabin, who new that I would later have so many Log Cabin quilts and that even today it is still one of my favorites. If only you could feel this quilt, over years of washes it has become the softest and most thread bare quilt I own. I have been teased by my friends and family about how I drag this quilt everywhere with me, just call me Linus! There is something about a quilt from home that gives comfort when you need it. This quilt has traveled to Disneyland at least 5 times, it has been to Europe, Mexico, USA and where ever I travel in Canada. It has been through happy and sad times, collected many tears and laughs. How do you retire a quilt that is a part of your life story?  I have a new flannel quilt but funny enough I feel disloyal to my favorite, that is so sad! Oh well we all have our comfort items and some are harder to let go of than others. The funny thing about the quilt is that it is so thread bare that at night the threads tickle my nose, driving me crazy!  As you can see my sisters crazy cat, Gammie, likes it too!

As you can see there are parts of the quilt missing and the batting!

If there is a quilt around this cat finds it.
Besides contemplating my quilt I actually have been pretty busy this last week. First the most exciting part... I bought a new Sewing/Embroidery Machine! I have been taking so much training on The Ruby from Husqvarna I HAD to have one. Good thing I'm not married I would have a lot of explaining to do! I had a Topaz and totally loved it but this machine has a few more features that just make things easier. I'm sure having fun. I have sold my Topaz and it is going to a good home, but for now, until it goes to it's new home I have 2 really good sewing machines and that means I can sew twice the amount of projects! I have been working on a cutwork tablecloth on the Ruby and then on the Topaz all my other sewing, I just finished my sample for my Christmas Tea Class, so that is one thing off my list, only about 20 more to go!

This the Ruby stitching out the Cutwork design.......
and here is Topaz with Christmas Tea Sample being quilted.
Well I guess I better sign off, I was supposed to be working on my patterns tonight....oh how I love a good distraction!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Entry

     Well this is it, I finally have branched out and started by blog. I love to craft but currently my biggest hobby is quilting. Starting this blog, my hope was to connect with other quilters and crafters. I also enjoy scrapbooking and cardmaking, I don't have a lot of time for it though.

     Four years ago I started a quilting pattern company with my dear friend Michelle, m&n pattern designs. Michelle sadly passed away about 1.5 years ago but our friendship grew over our love of quilting. When Michelle was on maternity leave with her daughter Rachel, we would get together every Monday and quilt, most Mondays though it would just be a gab fest. Although I miss her daily, the work and projects we worked on are a great memory. We had some very good days sewing, having lunch and going shopping. Shopping really was a good distraction when we supposed to be preparing for our quilt club!

       Yesterday we had a Quilt Show at The Cloth Castle, store where I work, Log Cabin Quilt Challenge reveal. Customers came by and voted for their favourite quilts. Viewers Choice Winner was ....me! I was pretty excited. The quilt I won for was my Bali Friendship Log Cabin, approx. 90" X 90", it was  a bit if work finishing. The friendship log cabin  was a fun day of sewing. Collect 12 of your closest quilting friends everyone brings 24 of their own center squares. When everyone is ready and settled everyone get 2 of each persons squares. Then each person sews on a strip of their fabric. Press and trim and then pass the stack to their neighbor. So as you continue around, each person adds a strip of their fabric. Then you go home and put it all together in any pattern you like and if you are me you go home and "fix" up colours. I ended up making 12 more blocks so I could make a larger quilt and then expanded it's size with borders. I love how it turned out.

      Well I better sign off and get some work done. I'm heading off to Vancouver for more sewing machine training tomorrow.