Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Stockings were hung with care...

No but the comfy pants are all done!
      Aren't they so cute! They are so easy to make too. If you have a comfy pant pattern just adapt the bottom hem edge. If you would like the cuff to be about 4" I cut the piece 9" so the cuff folds right up inside, use 1/4" seam to sew, then just stitch in the ditch of the hem to hold the cuff in place. The more fun the fabric the better. Just like pillowcases are fun and a great gift so are custom comfy pants. I have to thank Rosemary (one of my students) for the show and tell and inspiration, she is the one who gave me this idea and I went to town! Oh no, I think I have to buy a new serger now too!

Hi Everyone

  Well how is the Christmas rush for you? All done?  I can say that as of today that I'm all done. Other than last year when we were in Mexico, I usually have to sew well into the midnight hours on Christmas Eve. This year is actually; dare I say it, relaxing!
   My sister and I had dinner with a few friends the other night, at the last minute we had the idea to make little ornaments for everyone. You know the drill... it won't take long to make them! Oh ya sure.... a day later we finally had enough for the gang, good thing my sister was off the next day to keep stitching these little babies out on the embroidery machine.
My sister also made these cute little stitch markers for knitting. So cute.

    Look at this special gift I was given. I just can't believe it. A white feather tree. My good friend Cindy knew how much I wanted one and gifted me with one for Christmas. I still can't believe I will treasure it always.

Well everyone I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and many blessings in the New Year.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ahh..... December is here!

Hi Everyone

     It has been way to long since a post, but finally I feel like I can breath a little. This past month has been a blur of activity! Between classes, store events and clubs the month just flew by. Tomorrow is my last quilt club for the year and then I can get busy on my Christmas projects, is there anyone like me that works better (faster) under pressure?
     One of the store activities we did was our first ever Quilt Auction. We raised over $1200 for our local food bank! It was a really fun event and I do believe a new yearly event.
     My Christmas Tea was a great weekend. I taught the class 3 times and each class was more fun than the next, everyone did really well and just about got their projects done. Here are a few photos of the runners in the works.
The pattern for this runner is Easy Elegance from Designs to Share with you.
A little cake with our quilting fun!
Vandy visiting Shannon
The Sunday Girls at lunch. Quilting and friends, a perfect day.
Friday Duncan Girls
And you know your in when you have the official Tattoo!
  Well I've baked the cookies for our Christmas club, now I just have to put together a few more patterns and then that's it for a few weeks! Have you seen the I Love Snow Flannel from Henry Glass? Too cute, I  designed a Log Cabin quilt using the panel for the center, came out really cute. Here is a sneak peak, if you are a quilt clubber see you tomorrow!
Take care,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Tea and Mayne Island quilting

Hi Everyone

    My goodness I have been busy. I have been getting ready for my Christmas Tea class. This is always a fun day, we get together and basically eat and quilt! It is great day and I really look forward to it. This Christmas we are doing the Easy Elegance by Designs to Share with You.

I had a fun time stepping out of my box and trying different fabric. I love this new colour way!  
and a more traditional colour way.
  This past week I was also invited to Mayne Island to teach a class with their guild. What a great day we had, I love Mayne Island the charm of the Island is great. We made the X-Blocks quilt. There were so many different combinations and they are all going to be great. Can't wait to see them finished! I have a few shots of the works in progress.

.... to this! Not a great colour shot, sorry about that.
   As you can see there was so many great colour selections, if you haven't tried the X-blocks technique, it is really easy and as shown very effective in any colour combo!

Take care everyone,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone

   Well it is almost Halloween, can you believe it? Where has the time gone? This year is just flying by! I know you have probably already realized it but there is less than 2 months until Christmas. I really need about 12 more hours a day, oh who am I kidding I would still be behind! 
   I have been getting ready for my quilt club, working on a Christmas project (all you clubbers will just have to wait!). In between working, my sister and I decided to try one of her new embroidery designs. It is so cute I wish I had time to make more. The start to my sweet little guy.... what will he look like?

Isn't he just soooo cute! As you can see there are two little buttonholes that you slide a lollipop through. I just love these little projects. This is from Embroidery Library. Like I said I wish I had time to make more.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Pumpkin time!

Hi Everyone,

   I love this time year and with the incredible fall weather we have had you just have to get out and enjoy the sun. Mom, sister and I went out yesterday and visited the "punkin" patch. In our family we don't have any little kids but we enjoy going and picking our pumpkins and also getting all the fresh veggies at the farms.
   On quilting front, most of my projects are for clubs so I can't show them to you right now. Last month I used the 60 degree triangle ruler form Creative Grid. I made this great quilt using the Winterberry Line from Whimsical. I love how the hexagon layout worked out and it has been a long time since I played with such a great primitive line.
    I have really been enjoying knitting as well. I took the Rae scarf class at the store from Rebecca. I have really enjoyed learning a little more ans I always relax when I'm knitting so I have really enjoyed the scarf. This picture is the pattern cover fro Jane Richmond.... not mine!

Well better get back to my November club project, have a great week!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christmas Stitchery

Hi Everyone

    What a great fall we are having. There have been rainy days but when the sun is shining you can't help but be in a good mood!
     I have a quick blog today, my sister found this great blog. This blog has a great free stitchery pattern, just in time to start and get it done for Christmas.

Have a great week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

fun day of knitting

Hi Everyone,

      What a great day we had yesterday. A group of around 20 of us got together and knit about 50 purple baby hats. Joyce from quilt club got us started with her 7 hats donated at Saturday Creative Sewing Club and then we added to it. What a wonderful day, everyone had so much fun and to see all those hats piling up, I was just thrilled.
       If you don't know about this wonderful organization visit the link below; in short knit purple baby hats from now until the end of Oct. Then send them to your local group and the hats are given out in November to all new babes, the purple hats are to make awareness for Shaken baby Syndrome.
      I just want to say Thank you to everyone who came out and knit yesterday, it was great meeting new friends and just have a fun day of knitting. If there are any local knitters feel free to drop off your hats at The Cloth Castle, 786 Goldstream Ave. I will make sure your hats get delivered!

Rogue Quilter concentrating on Knitting  
Zita thought my sister could use a new hat....she made her a purple beret! You can just see her in the left corner, what a riot we all had a good laugh.
   As you can see there was fun, laughter and knitting. What can we make next?  Have a great week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is here and knitting fun!

Hi Everyone

     Can you believe that the middle of September has come and gone?  Time is moving to quickly. I had a great summer. Spent a fair amount of time sewing but also taking it easy too.
    We spent a  weekend up at Mt. Washington, what a great spot. We have friends that have a condo there and they generously lent it to us. We over looked the chair lifts and endless nature. What a great weekend.....hmmm when can I go back!

View from the condo.
my (Brad), sister (Miriam) and Mom (Margot)

      This summer has also been an great year for Blackberries so my sister, brother and I have picking as many as we can get. Our house is surrounded by them, we have been lucky. I have made a couple of apple crisps with blackberries, yum!

      We started quilt club last week. It was so great to see everyone, it is like the first day of school. My main feature was working with laminate fabrics. They are so much fun to sew with. We also had Rebecca, our new knitting teacher, came by and  she did a show and tell of her new classes. All of her projects are just beautiful and look great. Rebecca used patterns that are great for all skill levels, knitting is so social and it is just fun to get together with a group and learn to knit. While at the store Rebecca also introduced us to an organization called Click for Babies. This organization knits purple hats and then they give them out in the month of November to all new babies, to make awareness for Shaken baby Syndrome. I have included the link below the photo if you would like more info. This is a great way use up some yarn and knit for a great cause.


Join us at The Cloth Castle Oct. 2 for a knit day. 
Miriam (my sister) has organized a day to get together, meet new friends and have fun. 
Knit or crochet your purple baby hats and be a part of a great cause!

Sunday, October 2     12-3pm 

Just let the store know if you are coming so we know space needs. 250-478-2112

   Well I better get back to my sewing, next club is coming up fast! Happy fall everyone.