Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If found please bring me home

    I was so sad to discover that someone has stolen one of my quilts from the store. It saddens me that there are dishonest people who would steal from me and I do take it personal, I put time and effort into that quilt. If anyone sees my quilt or feels ashamed at having taken an item of mine please return it to The Cloth Castle. It can be left by the back door.
    If whoever took it is reading this..... you should be ashamed!
   The quilt is a whole cloth quilt stitched out on my embroidery machine and I have attached a copy of a photo.
   Sorry everyone for having to post such a negative blog but I just can't believe that there are still dishonest people who would steal from me. I know it shouldn't surprise me but It still stings.

Take care everyone, Natasha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas on my mind....

     I can't believe that we are past the middle of the month already. This year is going by way too fast! With thoughts of Christmas quickly approaching I thought I better get going on some sewing. My embroidery machine has been working hard creating new Christmas decorations and gifts. I have been working on a new tree skirt for myself, I actually made the same one for my mom last year and just loved it. The snowflakes are all embroidered and then I use the iron on crystals to embellish, if only you could see how the tree skirt sparkles beneath the tree.

The picture just doesn't do justice to how pretty this comes out.


This is one snowflake with the crystals ironed on. When the light hits, it just lights up.

   I just have to pause and say sometimes these computers really get on my nerves! If it would just type where I want it to that would be great! Very frustrating. Sorry about the large space between.

   Anyway..... I also downloaded this embroidery design for a Christmas Stocking. It took a bit of time to stitch out but worth it. Now to finish it.


    Have you ever visited the Bake Shop on the Moda home page? There are so many great patterns, and they are all FREE! I spent hours looking there the other day. Great project ideas and fun blog to read. Just click on the link below and it will take you there. Have fun.

     I have been working on my new classes for the new year. I'm starting a great new program, Natasha's 5 for $75. You can pick from 26 different classes, you pick the 5 classes you would like and only pay $75 (supplies extra). That's only $15 per class! Anymore classes than 5, you only pay the $15 per class. The details will be available soon at The Cloth Castle, the schedule should be out by Dec.1 or around that time.

    Well I better get back to my sewing, have a great week.


Monday, November 8, 2010

It Slices and Dices and More!

   Well we have been home 1 week and have I been busy! Lots of activities at work and also lots of ideas running around my brain for my Slice. I love this gadget I can't wait until we get the rest of the cards for the machine.
    This weekend I got down to business and made up some samples to show the ladies at Quilt Club tomorrow, if you are a club member you may not want to peek! But if you are like me you won't be able to resist! Oh well you can see them in person tomorrow. Enjoy. I loved doing all the projects I have other things I need to get done, all I want to do is Slice and Dice!

Snowflakes were all cut in Slice Fabrique Machine

Flowers and Alphabet all cut with Slice Fabrique. I also used the ruffler attachment for my sewing machine... that makes a quick job of ruffles! This summer when I went to the Husqvarna Convention I also took a class on free motion quilting. The circles on the background of the alphabet were circles that I learned in that class.

Quick and Easy tablerunner, it took only 15 minutes to cut these leaves!
To make this runner took only 3 hours start to finish.

I don't know if I mentioned it , I'm loving my Slice Fabricque and no I don't get paid to say that it is a great tool!

   So as you can see I have been having fun this weekend, now I better get to work and actually get the demo ready for my pattern for club tomorrow!

Have a great week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Final Days of Market .......

Hi Everyone

    Well, it is time to come home already! The time has gone by so fast. Sunday and Monday were very busy days, it took the two days just walk and see what was being offered.  I did all my ordering on Monday. We had a great time and now it is time to start thinking of making up new quilt samples.
     You're the first to hear this but I won BIG at the show. I won a Slice Fabrique Digital Cutting Machine! I am sooooo excited! I can't wait to try it out when I get home. It is one of the items I have ordered for the store, so to get one before they are even available is really thrilling. I'm going to put it to work as soon as I get home!

The SLICE™ Fabrique is a revolutionary fabric-cutting tool that makes quilting easier.

Don’t spend hours cutting intricate designs with scissors when you can save time by allowing the SLICE™ Fabrique to do all the work for you. The SLICE™ Fabrique works with design cards specifically customized for fabric so you can cut alphabets, numbers, flowers, icons, basic shapes, and more.

Apply a fusible web to your cotton fabric, felt or flannel and you are ready to start Slicing. If you can imagine it, you can SLICE™ it.  

Thank you so much everyone at Making Memories for such a generous prize! For all my quilt club members make sure you are at the November Meeting to see this little baby in action!
Visit Making Memories to see more information.

This is one of the quilt projects made using the Slice Fabrique.

Have I mentioned I'm SO EXCITED!  

My sister won big too!
      My sister also won a really great storage unit, I think we both came away with generous prizes. Well I better start getting my bags ready and hope and pray that my bag isn't over the weight restriction. I hope you all enjoyed following us at Quilt Market, I have posted more photos at The Cloth Castle Facebook page, enjoy.

See you in the store soon. Natasha