Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready for day 2?

View of the show floor from windows above, this is a small portion of what is here.
     What a day! We have just finished walking the show floor for the day and in about 45 minutes we are heading to a party that Moda puts on each year. Dinner and fun! We had a really great day today, there is just so much to see.... I'm in overload right now. I have collected a lot of fliers from only about a quarter of the booths, I will review them tonight and decide which I will order from. It is a tough decision.....what will everyone like and what will be popular?  I have some beautiful pictures to share with you, I can't fit them all on this page, but I will put the whole collection of pictures on the Cloth Castle Facebook page and you can enjoy them all there.

Blackbird Designs Booth. Isn't it gorgeous!

 Hop over to Cloth Castle Facebook page to see the rest of the pictures! Have to run and get ready for the party......until later!



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  1. Blackbird's quilt...OMG!! LOVE it!! Thanks for I am hustling over to CC!! Take care and order LOTS!!