Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Quilt Club of the year

     What a great turn out we had for quilt club yesterday. My demo was using the Easy Dresden Ruler from EZ Quilting. I LOVE this ruler. Talk about fast and easy. All I want to do is make Dresden Plate Quilts.

 The ruler comes with really clear instructions and is very easy to follow. This is a great technique for all levels of quilters, so don't be shy jump right in! The following is the step by steps for making one block. Have fun with your new favorite tool!

First decide what size of Dresden plate you would like. For example a tablerunner might use 3"-4" wedges. So decide on your size and then cut a strip of fabric in that size by the width of the fabric. I used 3 1/2" for the small Dresden that will be shown at the end of the demo.

Using your ruler start cutting wedges from the fabric strips. Alternate the ruler so you have no wastage.

Step 1- Fold the wedge in half lengthwise. Right sides together.
Step 2- Using 1/4" seam allowance sew across the top edge.
Step 3- Clip the corner, be careful not to snip your stitching.

Now turn the piece right side out. Use the point turner provided with the ruler to turn out the point. When you flip it out try to open the seam allowance. Press really well.

No matter what size of Dresden you make, each one will use 20 wedges to create the ring. Now sew the 20 wedges together. Always sew from the top down and start 1/4" down and back stitch a couple stitches. You don't want to see your joining stitches. Once they are sewn together press the seams all in one direction. Be careful when you press, you don't want to stretch the ring.

And presto here is your ring. Applique onto your background and then cut out a circle big enough to cover the center opening.

Have fun making your Dresden Plates..... be warned they are addictive!


  1. Wow, very nice! You did a great job...and I especially like the fabric in that last photo!

  2. Will be great fun. How many charm packs to make the size you had at club Natasha?