Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Year....

Hi Everyone

   How has the start of the New Year been for you? For me things started a little rough. Jan 2, 2012 my car was rear ended, no injuries but still not a way to start things off. The hits just kept on coming because my car is old, so you can guess where this is going... ICBC deemed that my car was beyond repair. So now what? After taking some time to think things through I opted to find a new car.
  After a call to my buddy Cindy, she was on the move and found me a great car. So today I brought home my new car! Have you ever been to the Hyundai dealership in Victoria? What a great group, everyone was so helpful and just made you so comfortable. Great car, great value and great experience, if you need a car go and see Leon or Devon. Both guys were so helpful, made my car buying experience so wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone. So here she is, my new Tango Red Hyundai Accent, which my sister has named Mac. The name came about from a Fleetwood Mac album called Tango In The Night! We love all music so only fitting.

  I'm making a declaration. Since it is Chinese New Year, I call a Do over and Happy New Year to me and all of you! So here's a little Fleetwood Mac and a start to a New Year.


  1. Awe, what a great new car...cute too! We've been through the rear-ended, totaling car experience fun. I'm glad you were safe(same here) and that you have something new to smile about! =)

  2. Your new Hyundai Accent named Mac looks so hot in that Tango Red shade! It's great to know that you are satisfied with the dealership that sold you your new car. That's a great blessing to start the year right. :)

  3. Hey, Natasha. Happy New Year! It's been another year. Hope this time things are going smooth for you. How's your Hyundai Accent? By the way, do you know that there's a thing called collision-avoidance technology that makes cars automatically stop when it's about to collide with something? When you buy a car equipped with this technology, I think you’ll have a higher chance of avoiding accidents. Just sharing. :)