Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New project in the works

Hi everyone

 I know, I know it has been forever since I have done a blog post. These last few months have just been a blur of deadlines, shows and classes. I can hardly believe that we are just a day away from May1. 

Myself, my sister and The Burly Quilter (aka Bryan from The Cloth Castle) will be heading to Quilt Market in just a couple of weeks, the month of May will be come and gone in no time too. 

Before we head off though I would like to prep all the stitching for Warm Winter Blessings. The Cloth Castle just received all the goods and I have made up the kits. I LOVE snowmen, ( I know I am not alone in that regard!) I am so excited to start.

Too cute! Do I make it as a gift or keep? Hmmm that is a tough one!
  Well I am off, this weekend is creative sewing club and next Tuesday is Quilt Club I better get myself organized.

I'll be seeing you soon,

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