Friday, May 17, 2013

To market we will go!

Hi Everyone

    Our first full day of market was yesterday and boy did we have a busy day. From 10am to 6pm we take classes either every 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Two hours before classes start we get a schedule and have to pick from about 20 different classes in each slot, then we head off for the day going from class to class. It is very exciting, we get about a 30 minute lunch break then off we go again. The following pictures are of some of the authors or publishing houses samples of new patterns that are being released or new books debuting at the show! Get your coffee ready you may want to sit down and take your time.

So after spending the day going class to class, then we get in line up for Sample Spree. This is a crazy event! You want to see adult women go nuts! Put staff and quilt shop owners  in a two hour line up and then let them loose to shop for fabric; you have never seen anything like this in your life! You think you all like a deal? We are no better! Can you see me? Near the middle under the glass arch ( white shirt). That was the second half of the line..... there were about 200 people before us on the upper landing and probably just as many behind us! 

So we get let in and are allowed to shop for only 2 hours! It is a snatch and grab fabric feeding frenzy, you better be serious and willing to push your way through or you won't get a thing!  I am NOT kidding here! So here are some of the things we came away with.

Bryan's modern collections

My sister with her loot!
Can you believe she won this stack of Moda fat quarters!

Her next paper piecing project!

This some of my goodies. 
Vintage Tin fat quarter bundle

Hard to see but the fabrics collection if all images of Italy, really cute!

I loved this book, would make just about every projects.

Well I better sign off, we have another busy day tomorrow. See you soon! Oh and by the way the three of us are planning a fun evening show and tell when we get home where will show you some of all these new items so watch for a Cloth Castle email when we get home.

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  1. It only gets better and better,all of your selections from Sample Spree are something I'd fall in love with too! Can't wait to see more and Booyah to Miriam for winning that bundle too!