Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A buying day

Hi all

   Today I thought you might like to see how we buy fabrics for the store. It is one of the funnest part of my day. We have really wonderful sales people that have become great friends. We laugh and catch up as we work. Some sales people we see every 4 week,s others every 6 weeks and some only a couple times a year. It is still such a surprise to me that there are always so many new prints to choose from. I don't know how the designers keep coming up with new patterns, textures and prints. Just like you all get excited when you see new prints, I get that way when I see the sales people. Most times the fabrics are ordered anywhere from 3-6 months in advance so when they arrive months later it is like Christmas.....a total surprise!

   The day starts with the sales person rolling in their suitcases. Usually a minimum of 2 or 3; today was 4. It depends on if we are reviewing our basics or just looking at new. It was all new yesterday and a lot of it was for Halloween and Christmas 2014. Sometimes we see the new Christmas fabric for the next year before Halloween of the current year is even over!

  So we start looking, they will pull out the samples. Some are printed fabric and some are laser print paper copies. The groups get pulled out one at a time and stacked. As they are pulled out I am thinking about future possible projects, where are we lacking in the store, what is the trend for the next year and what will everyone like. There is a lot going through my mind but while this is happening I am getting excited. I know when it is a good group when I get all jittery and wish I could have it NOW! 

Fabric samples

Laser printer sample. Isn't that just too funny!
 (There is a Skinny Woman inside me..... I can usually shut her up with Candy Corn!)
  So as we work through the pile we order and decide when we would like it to arrive. In about 2-3 months it will be in stock and ready for us to play!

 Hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes! 


  1. That was interesting! I guess I thought you went to some big buyer show and selected there. Thanks

    1. I think some stores do all their buying for the year at trade shows. We are lucky to have our sales people come to us. As I mentioned they become friends, we are lucky!

  2. Brought back some great memories from when I had my store. That is one of things I miss as you are right you do become friends with the sales people.