Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas on my mind....

     I can't believe that we are past the middle of the month already. This year is going by way too fast! With thoughts of Christmas quickly approaching I thought I better get going on some sewing. My embroidery machine has been working hard creating new Christmas decorations and gifts. I have been working on a new tree skirt for myself, I actually made the same one for my mom last year and just loved it. The snowflakes are all embroidered and then I use the iron on crystals to embellish, if only you could see how the tree skirt sparkles beneath the tree.

The picture just doesn't do justice to how pretty this comes out.


This is one snowflake with the crystals ironed on. When the light hits, it just lights up.

   I just have to pause and say sometimes these computers really get on my nerves! If it would just type where I want it to that would be great! Very frustrating. Sorry about the large space between.

   Anyway..... I also downloaded this embroidery design for a Christmas Stocking. It took a bit of time to stitch out but worth it. Now to finish it.


    Have you ever visited the Bake Shop on the Moda home page? There are so many great patterns, and they are all FREE! I spent hours looking there the other day. Great project ideas and fun blog to read. Just click on the link below and it will take you there. Have fun.

     I have been working on my new classes for the new year. I'm starting a great new program, Natasha's 5 for $75. You can pick from 26 different classes, you pick the 5 classes you would like and only pay $75 (supplies extra). That's only $15 per class! Anymore classes than 5, you only pay the $15 per class. The details will be available soon at The Cloth Castle, the schedule should be out by Dec.1 or around that time.

    Well I better get back to my sewing, have a great week.



  1. Beautiful tree skirt! It looks beautiful with the Christmas tree.

  2. Your tree skirt is stunning Natasha! Hope you share it with us at Club! I think your new program will be very popular so look out! Can`t wait to see what you are offering!

  3. What an absolutely lovely tree skirt - I've just found your blog and am now a follower, looking forward to getting to know you. Blessings, Peg