Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If found please bring me home

    I was so sad to discover that someone has stolen one of my quilts from the store. It saddens me that there are dishonest people who would steal from me and I do take it personal, I put time and effort into that quilt. If anyone sees my quilt or feels ashamed at having taken an item of mine please return it to The Cloth Castle. It can be left by the back door.
    If whoever took it is reading this..... you should be ashamed!
   The quilt is a whole cloth quilt stitched out on my embroidery machine and I have attached a copy of a photo.
   Sorry everyone for having to post such a negative blog but I just can't believe that there are still dishonest people who would steal from me. I know it shouldn't surprise me but It still stings.

Take care everyone, Natasha


  1. Second report of a stolen quilt in two days! What is going on?? Paulette reported about a quilt stolen from Quilt Market in Houston. Wouldn't you think that people who frequent quilt stores and quilt shows appreciate the work that goes into making one?
    Hopefully everyone on Vanc. Is. (me included) will keep their eyes open for your beauty.
    For now,

  2. So sorry to hear about your quilt Natasha! Like Delores said that is the second quilt we'
    ve heard about being stolen. Just blows me away! Will definitely keep an eye out for it and ears open also in case some one lets something slip!

  3. You poor thing, I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine someone stealing a quilt, but I guess that someone would. =(

    I hope it gets returned. If that is a photo of all your hard work, it is beautiful!

  4. OH Natasha sorry to hear this stupid people I hope it gets returned

  5. That is so sad - and unbelievable! Does make me wonder if the thief is cold, and maybe hungry.

  6. This is disgusting!! Incredible how someone could just walk off with it!! Where was it in the store? Most of the quilts are hung up high...and maybe it's a good thing they are!! I sure hope they see your blog and FEEL terrible...at least you gave them an out...hope you find it at the back door!!!
    Take care!