Monday, March 7, 2011

For us all...

It is not to often that I blog twice in one day. Today I received a great e-mail from a friend.
A Flash Mob Dance Video was organized by Kim MacGregor.  Kim created this as a tribute to her best friend Erika Heller who died of colon cancer. Each and every telephone conversation they ever had, Erika would end by telling Kim "You're an amazing woman"! Well, Kim wanted to do something special to honour her friend and this is the result.  Please visit this site as it honours amazing women everywhere.

I think that just about everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another. This video is a gift for us all. It is a great reminder at how special and unique we all are. You are all amazing.

To all who are surviving and living with cancer, to the people we have lost but remember and cherish everyday. Your amazing!

I miss you friend.



  1. Only Canadians would do it for such a fantastic reason. Awesome!

  2. So sorry you are not feeling well - healing thoughts go out to you! Congrats to Miriam - such a cool person - enjoy your new machine. I read Paulette's blog all the time and am starting to look fondly at wool applique projects -lol.
    looking forward to next club day.