Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Westshore Quilt Show

    Last weekend was the last show of the season for the Cloth Castle. We were at the Westshore Quilters Guild Show. As usual it was a great event. I have some photos of some of the quilts I really liked.

My helpers.... Miriam, Vandy and Michael. Looks like they need to focus on the job!
Just kidding they are just hamming it up!

Me and Bryan (my other helper)  taking a quick break!

This is a section of our booth, looks a little messy while we are setting up!
 It all comes together in the end.

  We have moved all the stock back to the store and put it all away. There is always a couple days for me after a show when I think....what do I do now? Then we get a new delivery and I get excited and the sewing bug bits again! Doesn't take long for the next project to come around.

There were so many quilts that I loved at the show, well done everyone!

Happy Quilting, Natasha

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  1. Thanks for sharing the quilt show. There were some very talented people showing their crafts!