Friday, May 13, 2011

Quilt Market

Hi Everybody

   First off sorry that the blog didn't come through, the blogger site was down for repairs and I couldn't get the blog out.
   Now on to the fun stuff. Our first day at quilt market was really fun, we did classes all day and then Sample spree.
   Sample spree is what you all would love! Sample Spree is for all of who own or work for quilt shops to buy fabric bundles, samples and pattern for the next season. the spree doors don't open until 8pm around 3pm in the afternoon ladies start to line up, you can't even imagine the amount of people just waiting to get in there and get the deals and the fabrics.

You see everyone just gets comfy and waits it out, until the magic doors open and the spree begins.

   We bought stuff for the store and I also had a chance to buy something for me too! It is just the cutest line called Scandinavian Christmas.

This is a teaser of the fabric, below I took a photo in the booth of parts of the quilt..... I Love IT! If I have it correct this will be Christmas for next year, maybe I'll actually have a chance to have the sample finished!

   I also really love Riley Blake fabric lines so I also had a chance to get a Christmas bundle, this we are getting to the whole line of at The Cloth Castle. I also LOVE it too. Well lets be honest I Love It all!

   The spree lasts only 2 hours so it is power shopping at its finest, this is what the shoppers look like.

   Well I have to run, we are going to the factory were they make Handi Quilter Quilting machines tonight for some fun and dinner. I took about 200 pictures today so when we get back tonight I'll post here and at The Cloth Castle facebook page.

See you all soon, Natasha

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  1. Can't wait to see what you bring back for us to drool over!