Friday, June 3, 2011

Back in the groove

Hi Everyone

    Well it has taken me weeks to get back in the groove, the last several weeks have been so busy. I have had time to make a couple of new things one is for quilt club and that is a surprise until next week, the other is this great bag.

    Have any of you used clothesline cord to make bags and bowls before? It is so much fun! I have the steps shown below you have to try this technique, it takes longer to make the lining than it does to make the bag.

Polyester wrapped cotton clothesline cord.

1.5" wide strips of 45" wide fabric

Wrap the fabric over the cord creating piping.

Use a piping foot for your sewing machine to sew very close to the edge.

You need to make miles and miles of the piping.

I can't believe I forgot to take the next picture.... using a top stitching size 14, start to make a coil and zig zag through the layers. Shape it into an oval, you will be surprised how easily it sews. Once you have made the base of your bag the size you would like, continue to sew but slightly tip the started coil and start making the sides. Continue until the bag in the height you would like. Once it is complete make the lining and sew to the bag inside.

Have fun, Natasha

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  1. Very interesting Natasha. Accuquilt has a 1 1/2" strip die so that would make cutting those strips a breeze.