Monday, June 27, 2011

New Laminate fabrics

Hi Everyone

    I have been having fun playing with all the new laminate fabrics at the store. It is very easy to sew, the backing is actually cotton so your machine should have no problem sewing through all the layers. The only time you have to be very careful is when you are top stitching. When top stitching use a Teflon foot or a roller foot. There are so many things you can made, bags, ipod cases, laptop cover, baby bibs, aprons, raincoats, tablecloth, back of picnic blanket..... so many ideas and fun too! We recently had a new book come in from Oliver + S pattern company, Little things to sew. Just so happens they had the cutest Little Red Riding Hood cape. So I made a laminate raincoat using the pattern from the book.

   I also made this great new bag, I just loved how it turned out.  I will have to work on the pattern this week.

  This summer we are also doing a few classes at The Cloth Castle, you have got to see this crochet blanket from Rebecca. Rebecca made this granny square baby blanket from the Sirdar  Cotton Calico yarn. It is so cute and looks like so much fun. Hmmm looks like I'll be learning something new this summer!

    Can't you see a baby coming home with this little charmer! Way to go Rebecca I just love it! Rebecca has also started her knitting and crochet blog, visit her at the address below.

Have a great week everyone,


  1. I've been wanting to do something with the laminated fabrics. Nice to know they're easy to work with! Love the projects you've made with it - especially the hooded cape.

  2. How cute! Love the pouch!

  3. I seen the laminated fabric when I was in a couple of days ago. Cute projects for the fabrics.