Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall is here and knitting fun!

Hi Everyone

     Can you believe that the middle of September has come and gone?  Time is moving to quickly. I had a great summer. Spent a fair amount of time sewing but also taking it easy too.
    We spent a  weekend up at Mt. Washington, what a great spot. We have friends that have a condo there and they generously lent it to us. We over looked the chair lifts and endless nature. What a great weekend.....hmmm when can I go back!

View from the condo.
my (Brad), sister (Miriam) and Mom (Margot)

      This summer has also been an great year for Blackberries so my sister, brother and I have picking as many as we can get. Our house is surrounded by them, we have been lucky. I have made a couple of apple crisps with blackberries, yum!

      We started quilt club last week. It was so great to see everyone, it is like the first day of school. My main feature was working with laminate fabrics. They are so much fun to sew with. We also had Rebecca, our new knitting teacher, came by and  she did a show and tell of her new classes. All of her projects are just beautiful and look great. Rebecca used patterns that are great for all skill levels, knitting is so social and it is just fun to get together with a group and learn to knit. While at the store Rebecca also introduced us to an organization called Click for Babies. This organization knits purple hats and then they give them out in the month of November to all new babies, to make awareness for Shaken baby Syndrome. I have included the link below the photo if you would like more info. This is a great way use up some yarn and knit for a great cause.


Join us at The Cloth Castle Oct. 2 for a knit day. 
Miriam (my sister) has organized a day to get together, meet new friends and have fun. 
Knit or crochet your purple baby hats and be a part of a great cause!

Sunday, October 2     12-3pm 

Just let the store know if you are coming so we know space needs. 250-478-2112

   Well I better get back to my sewing, next club is coming up fast! Happy fall everyone.

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