Monday, October 3, 2011

fun day of knitting

Hi Everyone,

      What a great day we had yesterday. A group of around 20 of us got together and knit about 50 purple baby hats. Joyce from quilt club got us started with her 7 hats donated at Saturday Creative Sewing Club and then we added to it. What a wonderful day, everyone had so much fun and to see all those hats piling up, I was just thrilled.
       If you don't know about this wonderful organization visit the link below; in short knit purple baby hats from now until the end of Oct. Then send them to your local group and the hats are given out in November to all new babes, the purple hats are to make awareness for Shaken baby Syndrome.
      I just want to say Thank you to everyone who came out and knit yesterday, it was great meeting new friends and just have a fun day of knitting. If there are any local knitters feel free to drop off your hats at The Cloth Castle, 786 Goldstream Ave. I will make sure your hats get delivered!

Rogue Quilter concentrating on Knitting  
Zita thought my sister could use a new hat....she made her a purple beret! You can just see her in the left corner, what a riot we all had a good laugh.
   As you can see there was fun, laughter and knitting. What can we make next?  Have a great week.

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