Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sister's Oregon ...The Worlds Largest Outdoor Quilt Show

Hi Everyone,

    We had such a great trip to Sister's Oregon. If you have never been you really need to add it to your bucket list. It is always so incredible. Each year there are so many quilts to be inspired by. I won't go on to much about it, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!
Leaving the Inner Harbor of Victoria

mom and me

The Stitchin' Post

Isn't this yard something else!

I love poppies

Great modern quilt

The light background blocks are all from Salvage edges of your fabric. Look at the close up below.

The side building of The Stitchin' Post

Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!

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  1. I took my Sister there this year! I loved showing her and telling her all the names of the different quilt designs. It was hard to not get pictures with people and cars in them. I love that they close off the main street and let us have a day just for Quilter's!