Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quilting retreat

Hi All

    What a busy couple of weeks this has been. I have been working on my new embroidered quilt. I have the show and Demo this Saturday. I am almost done as far as I can get so that is feeling really good! It has been a bit of work but I have learned a lot and am looking forward to sharing my hints and tips....there are many!

     I also went away last weekend to a Quilting Retreat. We went to Wyldflower B&B in Qualicum. It is a great location for a group, lots of bedrooms, great workroom, no cooking, no dishes and no cleaning! What more could you ask for. The workroom is really well laid out and lots of space for each person. A great design wall large enough for large projects. The facility was really great. In a quiet country setting perfect for crafting, sewing and quilting.

     It had been many years since I went into Qualicum Beach, what a charming little town. I had a chance to venture in and spend a couple hours wandering around enjoying the day. Not to brag or anything but we do live in the best place. I don't think I could live away from the ocean.

What a day! Sunshine and blue skies....nothing better!

My sisters favorite stop!

This was my favorite shop. The owner had such wonderful little gifts and very well priced too.
I picked up the business card but have misplaced it, I will have to find my receipt and get the name!
These are just a few of the projects I worked on over the weekend and once I got home. I will share the rest tomorrow as the pictures are saved on my computer at home, darn!

This was a border print fabric from several years ago. I made the piano border for another quilt I worked on, I had enough for the 2 quilts. Awesome! My goal was to just get things done, doesn't need to be fancy just done!

This is a really easy pattern that is easily adjusted for larger or jelly rolls/Charm packs. I used scraps from another quilt from many years ago. All you do is cut a 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle of scraps and a 2 1/2" square all in the same fabric, for the number of rectangles you have. Sew the square to one end and press. Then just flip every other unit. I added a 2 1/2" sashing between the rows and bordered with a 4 1/2" print. Great baby size project and done in a few hours!

Well enjoy the rest of your day and I invite those who are in the area to come to my embroidery demo this Saturday at 3pm at The Cloth Castle.


  1. That retreat sounds great, I have been looking for a place to hold a retreat so will definitely check them out. Congrats on the finishes.

    1. It was a great location, she is booked far in advance so don't wait too long! It felt great to pull out those older projects. The only thing now is more quilt tops! hahaha!

  2. You are SEW right...we do live on a gorgeous island! Hard to beat, isn't it! Nice finishes too!!

    1. Are you ready to see home? Hopefully the sun will be shining for the rest of your way home! Drive safe.