Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Quilt Club

Hi Everyone

How can it be that another month has gone by! Someone stop the clock and let me catch up! We had quilt club this morning..... my goodness what a full house. Lots of show and tell. I'm sorry that I can't get pictures, I'm the one showing the show and tell.

We had a great project that I really loved doing. I have been playing with 9 degree wedge rulers. They are so much fun. I really like that you don't need a lot of fabric to make a great project. The first thing I made was a round tablemat, 36" diameter and looks really effective.

After making this mat I thought what else could I make with this ruler. So I decided to try a very different layout. This first runner didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. I didn't like how the black broke in the middle. So on Saturday night at Quilt till You Wilt a light bulb when off. The second photo shows the second version of the runner.... much better. OK I'm happy now!

  Well I'm off have a great week everyone!

Happy Quilting, Natasha


  1. Natasha, I wanted to thank you for a fun day at quilt club yesterday (as always). You are an inspiration as well as a great teacher and leader and I love attending (as do a lot of others as shown yesterday)I hope Cloth Castle truly appreciates what a treasure they have in you.vboschman@gmail.com

  2. Always a fab time at quilt club. I love to see all the talent in that room. Doreen mentioned that the mat would make a great Xmas tree skirt, it could work without adding the centre. Also remember, what happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas!