Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Say hello to my little friends!

Hi Everyone

    I have been having some fun with my Slice Fabrique. I love cutting out anything with my cutter. I saw these cute little jungle guys and just had to try them out!

    Some of the designs are from the Fabrique card Animal Frenzy and the other guys are from Zoo-Topia. I did learn a valuable tip while cutting the shapes. Sometimes there are a lot of details for the machine to cut. I found that if I actually had the paper side facing up instead of the fabric the end result was much better. My theory is that the blade can't get caught on the fibres of the fabric if you have paper side up. the more detailed the design the better the cut was. If you have a Slice Fabrique give it a try. Still spray the temporary spray adhesive, but then try with paper side up! The Animal Frenzy card is a layering card, a great new feature, your applique has more dimension.

    And here is the quilt top. I just love how it turned out. I still have to quilt it, I will add a lot of dimension with thread work. First though I need to find some time!

Happy Quilting, Natasha