Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone

   Well it is almost Halloween, can you believe it? Where has the time gone? This year is just flying by! I know you have probably already realized it but there is less than 2 months until Christmas. I really need about 12 more hours a day, oh who am I kidding I would still be behind! 
   I have been getting ready for my quilt club, working on a Christmas project (all you clubbers will just have to wait!). In between working, my sister and I decided to try one of her new embroidery designs. It is so cute I wish I had time to make more. The start to my sweet little guy.... what will he look like?

Isn't he just soooo cute! As you can see there are two little buttonholes that you slide a lollipop through. I just love these little projects. This is from Embroidery Library. Like I said I wish I had time to make more.
Happy Halloween!

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