Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Charm bag Tote

Hi all

Well winter hit us this past weekend with a dumping of snow. I actually really love the snow. More so when I am at home with a nice cozy quilt, a pot of soup on the stove and the option to just watch it fall! I love that quiet that settles over everything with snow. Now having said that I actually had classes on both Saturday and Sunday, so it wasn't quit that tranquil! 

Saturday I taught the Charm Bag tote class, which is my favorite bag! It holds so much I love to use it for classes, travel and for everything in between! The ladies all went home with them done. Here are their color variations.

Don't they look great! I made one over the weekend as well, I forgot to take a picture! I will have to post it another day.

On Sunday I had my once a month Sunday drop in. This is a class to work on unfinished items or get a little extra help. Because of the snow it was a quiet day but from my side of things I got three quilts prepped for quilting, so a good day for me. In about a month I will be going on a weekend retreat with my quilting buddies so I have been digging out unfinished projects! Shocker I know! It will be so good to have them finished.....some are about 15 years old! Oh well better late than never!

Well I best be getting going we have a busy day here at The Cloth Castle. Today we have our guest speaker, Cheryl Stranges visiting and doing a lecture.We have an afternoon session and an evening, which I plan on attending. There are always so many little hints and tips that I get from these classes!

Have a great day!

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  1. Looks great Natasha! I love the one at the top!