Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quilting Seminar

Hi all

I took some great pictures from our quilting seminar I thought I would share with you. Cheryl had tons of samples that she shared with us. So enjoy!

Welcome back Cheryl!

I love the colours of this quilt. Guess what? It was made on the serger!

I really liked this look it is the sashing of a quilt.
Just by adding a little decorative stitch what a difference.

Same idea as above. Why leave your tone on tones stark white.
Add a little dimension and zing with your decorative stitches.
This border was done on the embroidery machine. Using an endless hoop.
Everything gets lined up so nicely!

Ok I am going to stop here, because Blogger is being a little pill right now! So I am going to add the rest of the photos on The Cloth Castle Facebook page. Sorry about that. Better for me to walk away than to throw the computer out the window!

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